Paul’s birthday.  What a treat to wake up listening to the Manshya River and birds singing. Fresh cofee for everyone and we headed off to Shiwa Ng’andu. Shiwa is a good 40 minute drive along the dirt road from Kapisha. We had a wonderful time touring the house and chapel.

We woke up at 5:30am to prepare for our trip to Kapisha Hot Springs and Shiwa Ng’andu. We waved good bye to our fantasitc hosts and friends and powered off back over the Lake to Mpulungu.  A little sadness in my heart to be leaving but very excited about visiting the Hot Springs and Shiwa N’gandu. We […]

There is so much to keep you entertained at Ndole Bay. Fire and entertainment on the beach, children making wishes and letting the lanterns free, scuba or snorkelling? Rob settled for 10m scuba dive and while we drank Mozi on the boat. We managed to summon up enough energy for a kayak before enjoying sundowners […]

Our travel was booked through Ntanda Ventures. Craig and Elise came to meet us and helpers arrived to take our bags. Sometimes arriving is better than the journey and we made our way along the harbour front, dropping Kerry & Rob off first to the luxury Room 1 and we asceded up the stope to Room […]

Seeing Lake Tanganyika for the first time was breathtaking, like we were the first travellers to ever discover it. I think it took us approximately 2.5 hours to get to Mpulungu where we met Kelvin our skipper, who escourted us to Samaras Fishing. Mpulungu is a very important harbour for Zambia and connects DR Congo, […]

I’ll be publishing a series of blogs covering our Easter Great North Zambian Adventure. Flight out of London was a dream! No traffic on Good Friday, luggage all checked in. Swift glass of champagne and strolled onto plane.  It is worth a mention as this is a rare occurence!  Arrived at Lusaka Airport without a […]