I’ll be publishing a series of blogs covering our Easter Great North Zambian Adventure.

Flight out of London was a dream! No traffic on Good Friday, luggage all checked in. Swift glass of champagne and strolled onto plane.  It is worth a mention as this is a rare occurence!  Arrived at Lusaka Airport without a hitch and were the first in the visa queue for digital finger printing!

Our driver Humphrey met us and we were able to change some money at Barclays Bank at the Airport.  There is a limit of £500 per person per day – not very helpful if you are going to be in the bush for two weeks but luckily all accommodation had been paid for in advance.

Humphrey then took to the back roads of Lusaka to get us on the T2 to Kapiri Mposhi, where we were going to meet my sister and brother-in-law, Kerry and Rob MacFarlane.

We stepped out into the sunshine at Continental Oil at Kapiri Mposhi after a 3 hour drive from Lusaka to a very busy street market selling tomatoes and other local produce to trucks and passing travellers.

Kerry and Rob arrived at 12:20pm and we transferred our bags to their 4×2 and we headed off to Serenje!  Our next fuel stop. We continued to race our way through tiny villages and arrived at Thorntree Lodge at 6:45pm.  A continuous 10 hours of flying and 10 hours of driving complete! It was time for a shower and champagne!

Thorntree Lodge is set in a residential area in Kasama and served up one of the best dinners to starving travellers. Tomato soup with soft white Zambian bread, followed by T-bone steak, chips and salad.

Exhaustion set in and despite the lumpy bed we sank into a deep sleep until Paul accidentally set his alarm for 4am Zambian time.  Two hours later we greeted Easter Sunday and were on the road to Mpulungu for our boat trip.