Our travel was booked through Ntanda Ventures.

Craig and Elise came to meet us and helpers arrived to take our bags.

Sometimes arriving is better than the journey and we made our way along the harbour front, dropping Kerry & Rob off first to the luxury Room 1 and we asceded up the stope to Room 11.

Room 11 is one of the original rondavels and is perfectly adequate with an ensuite comprised of a handheld shower over the bath, sink and toilet under a tin roof.

There were lovely flower arrangement on the bed made up of bouganvilla and frangipani flowers.

Did I mention that my sister got the luxury room? with the Fijian inspired outside shower. I borrowed a shower and it was awesome! Clearly next time I shall be booking the luxury room! The bathroom shelves are made out of a half boat – just brilliant.

We had lunch, the boys had a snooze and the girls chilled out on the cool, exotic deck.

Dinner was a special Easter affair of Fish Mornay, Beef Wellington, vegetables and salad.  Dessert was the most devine chocolate mousse and cupcakes!  Elise and her chefs are certainly stars in the kitchen.

We met up with Di and Rusty, Mel & Simon and Liezel and Rob from Kitwe.  Lots of tall fishing stories over a few drinks in the bar.

That first night’s sleep took our bodies peacefully to the bottom of the Lake.  We clearly deserved a lie in!

1 April 2013

We woke up to a big sun and met up with Kerry and Rob in the dinning room.  We relaxed and read books and dipped in the Lake.  We both felt that Lake Tanganyika felt like Thailand but just better.  The sand is slightly darker, the water is cooler but not cold.

Ndole Bay is ensconced into the side of a hill surrounded by a lush green thicket jungle that keeps its animals hidden!  Although the Vervet monkeys came to say hello and a legavaan ventured out onto the beach for a quick show.

Simon and Rusty conspired to orchestrate a Fines Evening. Everyone got a silly fine and had to drink a small amount of Amarula!  If you like Amarula you are in luck!  We ended up fining the Honour Fines Master himself after a majority vote and then we huddled around and decided to celebrate our birthdays early! Alfi apparently shared my birthday but this was disputed the next day. Will we ever find out the truth?

2 April 2013

We were rudely woken up at 5:45am to go fishing.

Let’s just say that is was touch and go but we eventually pulled ourselves together after a strong coffee and took to the water!

We all caught a fish even if it was accidentally.  Paul and I tangled our lines and Henry our skipper saved the day, hauling in one of the lines with a fish at the end of it! It does not say much for our fishermen status. We had a wonderful time fishing and stopped off at the spookily closed Kasaba Bay which I remember so well from my childhood.